About Us

The word FZONE means Fashion world and “VASTRA” is a Sanskrit word which means garments. “FZONE VASTRA” is a brand based in Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is the Smart City of Odisha is also very famous for woven ikat fabrics. Appliqué worked fabric locally known, as Chandua is a typical Orissa handiwork. The city mainly known for its Handcrafted products, Textiles and “Temple Cityof India”.
Fzone vastra rejoice the heritage of Indian Craft by creating design Stories of Artisans, Nature, culture and Craft with modern essence. The designs hope to inspire and excite creativity in other people. Fzone vastra is promoted by Diva’s.

At Fzone vastra we are in constant search for the best quality techniques which will help us create unique and exclusive designs for you. Our aim is to bring forward India’s finest craft based Designs. To achieve this ambition our Designers, artisans and craftsmen work rigorously each day.

We use Organic Finest hand woven natural fabrics and colours, Hand block prints in natural dyes. Every piece is handmade and hand crafted.

Every piece of garment goes with 3 steps of quality checks and then get ready for final delivery.

Promoters of this company have vast experience of Fashion field. We have in-house team of professionally qualified designers from Nift and Kiit University, master craftsman, Stitching karigars, and hand workers. Everything since inception of designs, sampling, stitching all is done in-house